Tracking and Visualization of Ontario COVID-19 Case Statuses

  • I am not an epidemiologist, nor am I a subject matter expert on disease or public health policy
  • All handling of the data, interpretations thereof, and thoughts expressed are my own and only my own
  • Interpretation and handling of the data may contain errors or omissions given the above


Everyone’s talking about coronavirus. It’s hard not to think about, hard not to read about, on a daily basis. It’s almost impossible not to – it’s top of mind in everyone’s mind, the only thought permeating our collective consciousness at this moment in time.

One result of everything that’s happening right now is that there’s a lot of data flying around out there, and a lot of articles being written, and a lot of analysis and visualization work being done, as everyone is trying to make sense of this whole business as it unfolds in real-time.

So I thought it was time to finally break down and weigh in myself. And then I thought twice, and thought it would be better to not just to do that, but instead try to make a contribution in some way.

I’m not a whole department, I don’t think I can build anything like John Hopkins CSSE has. Nor am the CDC. They have produced some good visualization as well around COVID. So I thought I’d tackle something simpler and closer to home. Something I keep reading about, which is how Toronto and Ontario are handling the situation.

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